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The new Mecca rises in the West

Literally 2 years ago there were rumors circulating that Paul George would decide to come home and lead the Lakers. Just last year there were rumors that the Riverside-native Kawhi Leonard would join the Lakers and lead them out of their abyss of failure.

And last night they both came home. Just not to the Lakers. Within a year Lob City transformed itself into an amazing group of players that excelled all expectations and clinched the 8th seed playoff spot in the West. And now they've replaced two of their solid mid-tier players with some of the best in the game. The Clippers went from having no apparent leader or any top 20 players to suddenly having 2.

Although the LA Lakers might have never gotten Kawhi or PG13, they exceeded expectations by bring Lebron James and Anthony Davis to the city within the span of two years. Now with the addition of Demarcus Cousins, they have 3 All-Star caliber players on their team. With the addition of players such as Danny Green and Jared Dudley…